Nasko Atanas, a painter who resides in the Historical part of Copenhagen Denmark, creates environmentally friendly and sustainable art from recycled materials. He upcycles heavy cardboard, wood and gypsum to create 3D artworks, using non-toxic glue and acrylic and oil paints. While his subject matter varies, the brilliance of colors and environmental responsibility are always at the forefront of his creations.


83 Boulevard du Montparnasse

75006 Paris


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I would like to tell you about one of the most memorable moments of my life that I had while visiting Denmark in July of this summer.

I was visiting the area of Nyhavn when I walked past an artist that had the most lovely smile as he was painting and looking at his artwork. The moment was beautiful to see someone so passionate and in love with his work. As he should because it is absolutely the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen. Not only is it beautiful but it also captures a perspective of Denmark that only his artwork can portray.

I was so captured by this moment that I approached the artist and started a conversation. The artist's name was Atanas Nasko (goes by the name Nasko). After this conversation with Nasko, we became the best of friends and I consider him to also be a lifelong friend of mine!

That day I also purchased my first piece of artwork from Nasko and it will forever be my most prized possession!

I would also like to mention the whole art group, Kunst I Byen. Every single individual in this group is valuable to Denmark and it is important that the area in which they conduct and share their forms of artwork is left untouched. Tourists like me leave Denmark dreaming of the day we can return because of people like ones involved in Kunst I Byen.

I hope this message finds you well.

Best wishes,

Chelsea Wallace

Dallas, Texas